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Robert K. Tanenbaum, books, Infamy, Without Fear or Favor

Robert K. Tanenbaum

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Robert K. Tanenbaum, and NY Times bestselling author needed a new website for his forthcoming book and 30 backlist books. His Butch Karp series is based in New York City where he served as a prosecutor for many years. So he wanted a New York look to his site.

The website has all of his books with a separate page for his Butch Karp series, and also a page for his first ten books which have been reissued by Open Road Media as ebooks. It was very easy to set up the pages by creating categories and then associating the books with their appropriate categories. He also set up a category for his three nonfiction books. With Pub Site you never need to enter anything twice. Enter once and the book will show up where you choose — featured on the home page, in the sidebar, on the series page and on its own page.

April 1, 2018

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