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"Pub Site is a real breakthrough for authors, making high-quality websites available to anyone with a book and a dream.  It does for the professional author websites what Gutenberg did for the bible--taking it from the few to the many.”

— Robert Miller, President, and Publisher, Flatiron Books

"Whether you’re a veteran author or making your debut, Pub Site is a fantastic tool for connecting with readers and promoting your work. It’s as simple to use as DIY platforms like Wix or Squarespace but designed especially for authors by the book marketing experts at FSB. Pub Site made it easy to post bookseller links, reviews, events, and other information authors need to share—plus it has blogging and e-commerce capabilities. I recommend it highly."

— Peter Ginna, renowned editor and author of What Editors Do: The Art, Craft, and Business of Book Editing

“My old site was disorganized and not mobile-friendly. The new site has everything I need to connect with my readers and sell more books.”

Robert K. TanenbaumNew York Times bestselling author of 32 books recently converted his site using Pub Site

"Look up Luddite in the dictionary and you get my picture. Fauzia and John did a magnificent job with my new website.  Talk about putting one's best foot forward. It's gorgeous, simple, classy, and professional. Affordable, too! Best of all, it can be edited easily Something every author appreciates. Not to mention how much I love working with these two."

— Jax Lowell, author of The Gluten-Free Revolution

"I have had many websites over the years and this is by far the best and the easiest to understand. FSB was very helpful in setting it up and I recommend it to all authors. These days the issue isn't whether or not you have a website but how good your platform is. Bravo!"

S.C. Gwynne, Pulitzer Prize Finalist and a New York Times Best-Selling Author of Rebel Yell

“Finally, a service that offers low-cost and beautiful websites for authors. The sites speak for themselves—gorgeous! Perhaps most important is that the team behind Pub Site knows books and authors, so as an author advocate, I’m thrilled with this company. This is a much-needed service that puts authors first, providing them with this all-important online real estate—a necessity!—without adding to the financial stress that book publishing can already oftentimes be.” 

— Brooke Warner, Publisher of She Writes Press and SparkPress

"My public relations consultant, SallyAnne McCartin, suggested I turn to Pub Site in order to get a website up and ready for the release of my next book, The Language of Butterflies: How Thieves, Hoarders, Scientists, and Other Obsessive Unlocked the Secrets of the World's Favorite Insect. Fauzia Burke took care of everything for me. It was easy as pie. Am glad I did it."

— Wendy Williams, author of The Language of Butterflies

"Pub Site allows every author to have a great-looking and professional website, regardless of their budget. It was created for authors by industry professionals and tailored to their needs, such as author tours, blogging, bookseller links, and even e-commerce. Not intimidating, time-consuming, or frustrating, it will help every author gain the discoverability they need for success.” 

— Karla Olson, Publisher at Patagonia, President of Publishers and Writers of San Diego and Publishers and Writers of Orange County

"Pub Site provides a simple, seamless setup and is super easy to use. I highly recommend this platform for anyone who finds designing and maintaining their own website daunting. Absolutely amazing - an answer to my prayers when we decided to update our website. Now I'm looking forward to website tasks instead of fearing them. We get to take advantage of all their combined years of experience without any of the research or training required to learn half of what they already know! I'm sure you will agree; even better, you can try it for free. They have truly outdone themselves with the creation of Pub Site."

Melissa Hawks, COO for author August Turak

“Every author must have a website as the hub of their marketing efforts. Pub Site makes it easy to launch, customize, and maintain a professional-looking website, fast.” 

— Tanya Hall, CEO of Greenleaf Book Group

"I can't recommend Pub Site highly enough! I've struggled for years with a website platform that didn't intuitively support writers, and finding Pub Site has made all the difference. It's made for writers and thoughtfully constructed with their needs in mind. It was easy to build my website, tailor it to meet and adjust as my needs change. A fantastic resource for writers."

— Johanna Stoberock, author of City of Ghosts 

"Pub Site specializes in web development for authors; for me, this company is a blessing. John is very knowledgeable, but he is different from other web developers I have had in that he cares and is easy to connect with and built my site for me and continues to be supportive with a sense of humor that I so appreciate. Working with John and Pub Site I had no stress that I often had with other web developers. The design is clear and to the point! Thank you, John, and your company! 

— Karen Eddings, author of Live and Age Well

"The Pub Site platform is manna for authors, especially the technologically challenged. Indeed, it is Luddite-proof. Its clever design allows a wide range of quality looks, has functionality that serves writers uniquely and effectively, and, as implied, makes it easy for writers to maintain and upgrade themselves without having to retain a parade of third-party contractors. Before Fauzia Burke introduced me to Pub Site, I had a website that had enjoyed consistent praise. I gave it up after seeing what more Pub Site can do."

— Michael Coffino, author of The Other Classroom: The Essential Importance of High School Athletes.

"I highly recommend Pub Site for all authors. The platform is custom-made for books and authors and has tons of bells and whistles. It is easy to use, allows you to avoid the aggravation of starting from scratch, is free to set up, and super-cheap to maintain.”

Brian Portnoy, author of The Geometry of Wealth

"We at Dunemere Books cannot speak highly enough of the Pub Site platform's ease of use and flexibility. All of our authors are getting Pub Sites! This is a super high-quality and reasonably priced platform. We love it.”

— Elizabeth Doyle Carey, Publisher Dunemere Books

"I had my website up in an hour and absolutely LOVE it! And it was free! I am only paying $19.99 a month. It is so easy to update and easy to navigate, and I love the professional design. I love the Pub Site instructional videos and I feel so comfortable knowing John and his team are there if I have questions. Plus, if my branding changes I can easily change my template to create a new look. I highly recommend it for authors and publishers. It’s exactly what we need."

— Renee Linnell, author of The Burn Zone: A Memoir

"I needed an author website for my new book and Pub Site provided a fast, easy, and inexpensive solution. Now I can spend the money I saved on marketing and advertising my book. I recommend it.”

Ben Feder, author of Take Your Shoes Off

"I am pleased to say I was one of the first to hear about Pub Site.  Several of my clients have used Pub Site with excellent results and I will continue to recommend it with total confidence.”  

— Wendy Sherman, Founder, and President, Wendy Sherman Associates Literary Management 

"I highly recommend Pub Site. The creators are designers and marketing people from FSB Associates, an online marketing firm promoting books and authors online for over twenty years. They have developed hundreds of author websites for such authors as Sue Grafton, Jonathan Kellerman, Gail Godwin, Tom Clancy, and Clive Cussler. Unlike all the other website builders, Pub Site concentrates on the things that authors need and readers need to know such as bookseller links, tour dates, direct sales of your book, your bio, photo, etc. You can also create new pages for media, excerpts, interviews, press coverage, and anything else you like. The interface is easy and impossible to break. Just fill in the blanks, customize your colors and layout, and your website is done!”

— Carla King, author of Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors

"Clients in our literary agency are always looking for the most effective and cost-efficient way to market their work. They must have an author website, but they don’t have the time or expertise to create one. That’s why we send them to Pub Site. Pub Site is easy for them to use and scalable, making it the perfect choice for authors with multiple series or many books. With its well-thought-out design, you can easily organize your books by series, age groups, and categories, and your website even includes a search feature. You enter the book once but can display it on many pages, so maintaining a large site with many books is easier than ever. Plus the built-in flexibility in the design means you can coordinate the header and colors of your site with each new release at no extra cost. Pub Site is reasonably priced for all its unique features so it’s a great value. We recommend it with great confidence and have never been disappointed. Best of all, our clients and fans love it!”

— Evan Marshall & Martha Jewett, The Evan Marshall Agency and The Marshall Plan® Software

"Pub Site gave me a way to easily build a beautiful website rich in content and mobile friendly for just $20 a month. I'm so happy with the results and can't recommend them highly enough.”

Debra Finerman, author of You Lucky Dog

"Pub Site is changing the way authors present themselves online. For just $20 a month, Pub Site allows authors to create websites that typically cost thousands of dollars. Whether writing their first book or their tenth, authors will find value in the book-specific tools and features provided by Pub Site. I highly recommend it.”

William Gladstone, best-selling author, literary agent, and television host

"Pub Site is now my go-to platform for author websites. I am not only the co-founder, I am also a customer. I just switched my site from WordPress to Pub Site and am thrilled. I could easily import all my blogs and transfer the content. With Pub Site, I can change my site's colors, design, and layout at any time with a few clicks and no extra cost. I love it. Whether you are a published author or a yet-to-be-published author, a professional, mobile-friendly website is essential for your author brand and Pub Site is the best place to start.”

Fauzia Burke, author of Online Marketing for Busy Authors

"Pub-Site is the answer to my prayers! They’ve thought of everything that authors and publishers need and made it extremely easy to use. It’s incredible how in one click, you can change templates and create a whole new look. Mind-blowing! It was so much fun designing a website that pops. I can’t wait to share my new website with my readers!”

 Denise Lee Branco, Multi-award-winning author

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