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Page Layout Options

Home Page Layouts - There are many home page layouts to choose from, as you can see below. With just a click of a mouse you can change your layout at any time. For the very adventurous, choose the Customizable Content option and create your own page.

Home Page Layouts

Interior Page / Book/Product Page Layouts - When displaying your book listings (all, or by genre/category), you can have a listing with a brief description or a grid layout that shows only the book cover or product image.

Individual book/product page -- You can choose to have the book cover on the left or right.

Pub Site Book Product Page Layout

Interior page sidebar/column option - with the click of a mouse decide whether or not to have a sidebar/column on your interior pages. The sidebar can be used for almost any type of content including book covers, photos, social media feeds, a mailing list signup form, follow me buttons, and more.

Interior Page Sidebar Option

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