Website Setup Service

You can build your own website for free using Pub Site. For those who don't want to take that route, we offer a low-cost setup service. For most sites, with one or two books, the basic package will cover everything.

Our website setup service starts at US$499, which includes:

— Setting up the site by choosing a design, layout and color scheme

— Adding an optional graphical header provided by you (we’ll give you the specs)

— Adding your author bio and photo

— Adding social media "follow me" buttons to your social media pages

— Adding up to two books, including book covers, descriptions, and review quotes

— Adding bookseller buy buttons (you provide links to your book pages on Amazon, B&N, etc.)

— Setting up the navigation menu

— Setting up Google Analytics to show traffic to website

All sites have a built in blog, contact form/page, appearances module, and photo gallery.

All sites are responsive, or mobile friendly.

All sites use https secure connections, included for free.

It is also very easy to add things like audio and video, social media feeds, mailing list signups, and using your own domain name. We charge an additional amount to add them. Likewise, if you have more than two books, and other content you want to add, we can give you an estimate of additional costs.

Please contact us if you are interested.